Investing in furniture is no small investment. After buying it the last thing you want is to deteriorate. To stop that a modest degree of care is required.

You might have read about all the expensive furniture maintenance tips from the experts but in this article we will supply some tips to retain your furniture in mint condition.

With minimal furniture care products and some love, you can restore the essence of the piece you never knew was lost. You can gain access to great furniture products at Howard Products.

This article will talk about how to take care of four basic furniture pieces and cover issues related to these four pieces.

  • Bid Goodbye To Stains

We all know that wood top tables are quick to stain, even heated cups and plates can damage the table top.

However using Restor-A-Finish and Feed-N-Wax supplied by Howard Product can remove the heat marks, scratches or wear and tear. With a simple wipe-on, wipe-off process, most finished wood surfaces that seem to need a complete refinishing job can be restored in a few minutes.

White heat rings, and water marks, sun fade, smoke damage and most other blemishes can be quickly eliminated. Before you go to the extreme of stripping it, try restoring it.

Instead of other market cleaners, make your job easier by ordering from Howard Products Australia.

  • Bring Your Wood Furniture Back To Life

You might have noticed that your vintage furniture has dried up and developed scratchfaded and lost its natural lustre. Now with a little care and attention you can bring it back to life.

Howard Products Orange Oil Cleans and polishes wood finishes , Enhances the depth and natural beauty of wood grain and Leaves no wax build-up.

With a small amount of work you can bring your old wooden furniture back to life.

  • Reinstate Shiny Hardwood Floors

Hardwood flooring gives a warm and earthy look to your home. However, chips and scratches occur from normal wear and tear, animals or children. Fix Stix is Ideal for filling small holes, dents & cracks on interior wood surfaces. Blend them together to create an authentic wood "look”.

Make sure you have sanded your floor and have clean, dust-free wood in front of you. You would then apply Orange Tung Oil to your floorboards.

Orange Tung is a blend of pure Chinese tung oil and pure orange oil. Most commercial tung oils are thinned with very toxic chemicals and artificial dryers: Instead of adding those dangerous toxins we simple add natural orange oil in just the same way that the Chinese added citrus oils up to 600 years ago

For a higher shine and a wood tint which highlights the natural colour of wood we recommend Howard Citrus Shield which when dry can be hand buffed to quite a nice low shine. It is a blend containing a high proportion of Carnauba Wax possibly the most durable and moisture resistant natural wax on the planet. With this strategy, your floors will look beautiful for years.0

  • Rejuvenate The High Gloss Shine On Furniture

Restor-A-Shine contains extremely fine micro polishing powders, blended together with select waxes and oils, producing a very unique wood finish polishing compound. Safe for use on lacquer, varnish, shellac and polyurethane this product is perfect for all your day to day renovations.

Four outside furniture SunShield is specifically developed to add extra UV protection to teak, and other tropical hardwoods and outdoor furniture from the results (cracking, drying, oxidizing, greying etc.) of exposure to various season's sun, hot and cold temperatures and moisture..

Wrapping Up

No furniture is ever too old to abandon if it is taken care of during its life. All you need is a little time, a few furniture maintenance tips and some furniture care products to give new life to your furniture.