Do it yourself

With Howard Products it has never been easier to repair furniture surfaces, put back the shine in dull and lifeless pieces, remove light scratches, cup rings, water marks and generally bring neglected or damaged furniture back to life. When old-fashioned and outdated materials and methods are used this sort of work can be really difficult and can sometimes results in some pretty ordinary re-finishing outcomes. Now with the magic of Howard Products it is relatively simple to achieve professional or near professional results without having any real experience with furniture restoration at all. If you are not sure where to start, just send us an email with your questions or difficulties and we will reply with a step by step guide within 24 hours in most cases. When you compare the price of having a professional restore or revive your furniture finishes to what it costs to do it yourself, you’ll be amazed at the hundreds, if not thousands of dollars you can save. While you’re here we invite you to browse around and see what Howard Products offer by way of innovative products and great restoration and maintenance advice.