Make your own hard Carnauba wax

Make your own hard Carnauba wax



The Method

The process of making your own high quality carnauba wax blend is really pretty simple. Firstly, you will need beeswax, which is available from any apiarist. Chip off a few slabs and using kitchen scales measure out 100 gm. Set aside.


Measure out 100 gm of carnauba wax flakes, which is available from Howard Products direct if your stockist doesn’t have it or won’t get it for you.




Place the beeswax in an old saucepan and gently heat the wax until it melts and clarifies, making certain that you don’t scald it. Now add your 100 gm of carnauba wax slowly and carefully, and stir it into the melted beeswax with an old metal spoon or similar utensil.

When the two waxes have combined and are liquid take 200 ml of cold-pressed orange oil and slowly and carefully add it to the mixture. Howard cold pressed raw orange oil retails for around $25 at some of our stockists.


For more detailed information and pricing email us on [email protected] or ring 1800 672 646.