I really love Howard Orange Oil. I'm forever finding new and different uses for it.
Picnic Point NSW / Picnic Point NSW
I use a ton of your Restor-A-Finish in all colours. I also use a lot of Citrus Shield wax and Feed-N-Wax for restoration work. They are brilliant products.
We rescued an old cedar book case from a blue bin by the road. Your Restor-A-Finish took off all the rubbish and the colour of that lovely old wood came to life again. It was really unbelievable!
Sydney / Sydney
I have restored an old kitchen table using Restor-A-Finish and it came back like new.All of my wood furniture is cleaned down with your orange oil and it is really excellent.
Sydney / Sydney
I'm an industrial arts teacher, my students and I use your unique products in class. My HSC boys are using your products in their senior years projects.
I love your Orange Oil for use on absolutely every surface in my house. It smells great and my furniture literally glows. I once made the mistake of using a cheap brand. Never again! Orange Oil creates a lovely ambience in our home. Our beautiful furniture glows with inner warmth. I actually buy it in 1900 ml containers.
Chatswood NSW / Chatswood NSW
Ten years ago you told me about the hazards of Linseed oil. Well, I ignored your advice and my beautiful dining table became sticky and unusable. I came to your workshop again and I was convinced to try Orange Oil. It removed the gunk and your Feed-N-Wax gave the table a great new surface and brought up the grain of the wood. You saved my marriage!
Raymonds Hill Qld / Raymonds Hill Qld
Update from customer. I bought some Orange oil and Citrus Shield for our redgum kitchen benches on a recent trip to Melbourne and both my partner and I LOVE the outcome. They look terrific and I am so pleased that I have used these natural products.
Bega NSW / Bega NSW
Update from customer. Hi David, Just to update you on the progress of my sideboard. I have used a whole can of Restor-A-Finish, and still have one side to go. However that side is against the wall and can wait till I get another can. I still cannot get the marks off the top of the sideboard - I've got the gunk off, the colour is right, but there are still marks, one of which is, I think, a burn. I've polished it all with the Feed-N-Wax, and it is looking a whole different piece of furniture. It gave the term distressed timber a whole deeper meaning! I am attaching some photos to show you the difference. Photo 1 is the sideboard before any work. In photo 2 I have used the Restor-A-Finish on the centre panel only - see the difference. Photos 3 & 4 show the sideboard polished and gleaming! When I get another can of Restor-A-Finish and do the hidden side, do you think I should go over the rest of it again? Is it likely that more will come out? And what should I do with the top? Even if I leave it and do no more, it is SO much better, but if possible I would like to get more of the marks out. Thank you so much for taking the trouble to give me advice. I would be more than happy to endorse these two products, I think they are just fantastic.
Author / Author
Response from Howard Products. Hi Vera, The difficulty you're having with the top is very likely because the top, unlike the sides, has suffered a variety of treatments and potions in its long and varied life in service to your family.These layers of detritus must be cut through to get to what was there originally, unless it's been stripped away. Even if the original shellac has been stripped away, it's still there in essence and can be brought back to life in a limited way.Here's what I suggest …. But take courage... it will take nerves of steel:Take a tin of Neutral Restor-A-Finish. Take a pack of Howard 0000 steel wool.Take a pack of rubber surgical gloves.Now … set about stripping the surface of your sideboard. Don't panic, you won't really be stripping it, you'll just be pretending to.Saturate your pad of steel wool with the Restor-A-Finish and get stuck into the top of your sideboard, use good firm pressure and work in fairly long, even strokes going back and back over the surface until it gives and begins to break-up. Wipe away excess gunk as you go with clean cloth. Discard it as it becomes filled with gunk and replace with fresh cloth. You will begin to see a nice, satiny, mellow surface emerge, keep it going until you begin to see the look that you know is as good as you'll get beginning to make itself clear to you. Stand back, take a breath, grab fresh, clean cloth and wipe the surface dry. Go to bed or go out, forget the job until the next day.Next day: Apply a good even coat of Feed-N-Wax to the whole surface and let it dry for an hour or so. Come back and buff it dry. Burnish it, rub it until it looks good.Then repeat the process if you feel it needs it.Give it the works, you will be rewarded. What you end up with will be so much better than that dark, unforgiving accumulation of old polish, caked shellac, dirt and silicone.
Author / Author
Question from customer I have a very old oak sideboard which was made by my grandfather, belonged to my grandparents, my mother and now myself. I'm not sure of the age but it must be at least 70 years old. It is very dark with the accumulation of the years, and the top is badly marked. I have purchased some Restor a Finish and started work on it today. On the sides and doors the Restor a Finish is amazing - I couldn't believe the effect it had. It was like using an eraser to clean away the dark accumulation. However I am having trouble with the top. I have the 0000 steel wool and have scrubbed and scrubbed with little effect. The colour of the wood has come somewhat lighter, but I can't get the marks out. Do you have any suggestions for me? Should I try a coarser steel wool? I thought I would continue with the doors and drawers and when I finish try the top again, in the hope that I have loosened some of the grime and marks. I would really appreciate some advice. I am taking before and after photos and it is quite amazing. Thanks for your time.
Author / Author
I'm one of your naughty customers, I told my husband that I had purchased the products and he asked me to cancel. He told me none of these products work and if they did they would be world known. Well I didn't cancel, the order arrived and I quickly used it before he got home to see what would happen, and guess what I am sooooo impressed. I had my coffee table and side tables imported from India 7 years ago which had the white water marks on it (from once storing in moist area) and k-a-boom the table looks new. And yes we are still married and he said I am lucky. This weekend cannot wait to get stuck into the side tables.
Author / Author
Dear Sir, I am having a local French polisher do a small job for me and he recommended Howard's Furniture Polish as the best polish I could get to use to keep the finished article in good condition.. (He was most enthusiastic about its qualities) He does have bottles of the polish at his workshop but they are the large bottles and I would prefer a smaller bottle of the polish. I live in the Gosford area (my home address is below) so could you inform me where I might buy a smaller quantity of the polish and the cost, that is. if you make the smaller bottle.
Point Clare 2250 / Point Clare 2250
Hello I have recently had the pleasure of a local removalist who kindly used your brand of orange furniture oil on my furniture. He was very proud to show the difference the polish made to my furniture, in particular, my piano that is over 80 years old that desperately required some 'moisture'. It is very rare to find a removalist who shows so much care. Many Thanks.
Queensland / Queensland
Greetings I would be pleased if you could advise me as to the suitability of Feed-N-Wax for red cedar , parts of which are exposed to direct sunlight for several hours each day in summer. ( I have a bottle of the product which was purchased at a furniture show in Canberra earlier this year and the initial effects upon a hardwood table with rainwater stains was very pleasing. ). I would appreciate your advice. Thankyou.
Author / Author

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