Product Video Demonstrations

How to information sheets
As a service to our valued customers we provide video demonstrations to show how easy our products are to use and how effective they are at cleaning, protecting and restoring your wooden finishes. You may also like to print our "How To" Information Sheets
Learn how to care for your furniture, floors, leather goods, silverware...
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1 How to restore fine wooden furniture.
 - Howard Restor-A-Finish
2 How to nourish and protect fine wooden furniture.
 - Howard Feed'N'Wax
3 How to enhance, clean and polish fine wooden furniture.
 - Howard Orange Oil
4 How to fill, colour, wax and protect all wooden surfaces.
 - Howard Orange Oil & Citrus Shield
5 How to care for leather goods.
 - Howard Sofas'N'Saddles
6 How to care for antique silverware.
 - Howard Pine-Ola Silver Polish
7 How to care for antique copper and brass.
 - Howard Pine-Ola Copper & Brass Polish
8 How to seal and protect floors and outside decking.
 - Howard Tung Oil & Orange Oil