Wood Preserver

In the Naturals Furniture Care Collection there are three products, each one of which is available in three fragrances...
     1) Wood Cleaner and Polish                                                 2)Wood Preserver                                               3) Upholstery Cleaner

We developed a natural Wood Preserver that combines beeswax, Brazilian Carnauba wax and vegetable-derived ingredients with essential oils. The natural oils and waxes protect and enhance the beauty of all types of finished and unfinished woods. We highly recommend choosing the same essential oil blend to follow up our Wood Cleaner and Polish.

As with the rest of the Howard Naturals Furniture Care Collection no petroleum distillates, or silicone oils have been used and we have added specialised blends of essential oils to provide the benefits of aromatherapy.

The Howard Naturals Furniture Care Collection is our first series of simply the best-smelling, most effective natural cleaning products on the planet! We invite you to redefine your scents of clean.