About Us

David Foster and Sally Gregson directors of Howard Products (Aust), discovered this unique range of wood and furniture care products while traveling through California in 1989 on a buying trip for a flourishing antiques business that they operated a the time. By asking around they found that Howard Products have been famous in the USA since 1969. Realising how successful this unique range could be in the Australasian market, they began negotiations with the Howard brothers and by 1991 they had secured the sole distribution rights for Australia and New Zealand and had begun a vigorous promotion and distribution program. Ever since that time the Howard Products range has enjoyed increasing demand in many sectors including antiques professionals and enthusiasts, woodworkers and cabinetmakers, furniture professionals and hobbyists of many kinds.

You may already be familiar with some of the Howard range. The 'Flagship trio' Restor-A-Finish, Feed-N-Wax and Howard Orange Oil have in fact become household names. But take care, there are several knock-off versions of Howard Orange Oil on the market so if you want the real thing make sure the Howard Products name and the "Pointing boy in the straw hat" logo are on the product you buy.

Do you remember that old Caltex TV advertisement "Oils ain't oils"? Well, that message is very appropriate to the Howard brand as well. The wood waxes and oils available in today's market place are not all the same quality nor do they perform in the same way. More than ever before "you get what you pay for".

The complete Howard Products line-up includes specific-use wood care products, multi-purpose wood care products, metal polishes, an all-purpose wood and fabric cleaner, leather conditioner and non-toxic, natural decking oil. There is also a separate range of non-chemical cleaners for granite, marble, stainless steel and upholstery called 'The Naturals'

All Howard Products are easy, effective and safe to use.

Our range is carried by more than 300 retail outlets and businesses across Australia and New Zealand. These businesses are recommended to people who ring our 1 800 number looking for a stockist in their area and they are listed on our website as well. Take a look at our stockist page for a stockist in your area.

Keep an eye on the various working with wood, gardening and major home shows in all capital cities, Howard Products is demonstrated and sold at many major fairs across Australia. For our next appearance in your area take a look at the Exhibitions page.

Yours Sincerely,
David Foster, Sally Gregson, Kerrie Kahler and the Howard Products Team.