How to prevent cracks in leather and treat dry leather

With the wear and tear of everyday life from children to pets, your leather items can easily become cracked and worn if you do not keep them moisturised and cared for properly. Are your Leather items such as car seats or upholstery missing that fresh, new look? If you are involved with horse sports, how do your saddles look? Well good news…we have some excellent tips on how to treat dry leather and remove cracks and tears in leather, and minimise further damage to already cracked leather yourself. Usually there’s no need to seek expensive professional help when you learn these handy hints we outline for you.

Tips for How to prevent Cracks in Leather:

  • Cracks are caused by leather becoming overly dry. Howard Leather Conditioner contains the essential, best quality natural ingredients needed for softening hardened leather.  
  • We recommend prior to conditioning your leather you clean it with Howard Leather Cleaner. This a clear spray-on liquid which will remove dirt and dust. After this is done wipe the leather dry in preparation for the next step.
  • Now place a small amount of Leather Conditioner on a sponge or a soft cloth and gently but thoroughly rub it into the leather paying particular attention to any cracks or splits which may be forming there.
  • After 30 seconds or so you simply wipe the leather dry and blend away any excess conditioner. You will now find that your leather is much softer and has a new lustrous look about it. NOTE: Leather Conditioner will also “relax” leather so that if you have shoes or boots that are a bit tight in the wrong places, a few treatments with Howard Leather Conditioner will help them fit like kid gloves.