The support and information that David provided to me this afternoon with a problem I had to remove mould from a timber outdoor table was amazing . I thank him for his advice and I can now move forward . I have to say that everyone I have spoken to at Howard products has always been most pleasant and helpful.” Thanks to all. Sheryl
* / Customer
George W
I have just received a delivery from you of some polishes I ordered. I wish to congratulate you on your products. They exceed all my expectations. Your Orange Oil Polish is exceptional and the Restor-A-Finish really works.
* / *
What can I say that hasnt already been said in the testimonials? Aside from the incredible customer service which were answered with knowledge and patience, my order arrived in super fast time, and I eagerly got to work. My sewing table was purchased as is, never worried me as a cutting mat covered it and I was the only one who saw it, but after giving it a going over with Restore A Finish, you couldn't wipe the smile from my face, finished it off with feed N wax and it looks like a new table. My main purchase was to try the Clean A Finish, I truly had tried everything to clean my kitchen cupboards, with no success, I can now say there is something that does remove grease and grime without a huge amount of elbow grease, and that's Clean A Finish, my cupboards are back to looking as they did the day we unpacked them. I'm now about to order Restore A Finish in the color suitable for my bedroom furniture, no need to renovate or update furniture, simply fill your cupboard with Howard Products and you will be saving yourself both time and money.
*** / **
Feed-N-Wax has indisputably revived my furniture but do you know that it is also wonderful on shoes, handbags, metal ornaments and a whole range of odds and ends?
Wilton NSW / Wilton NSW
By far the most important purchase I made at the recent Gardening Show at Homebush was your Feed-N-Wax. It certainly revitalises my furniture but just as importantly it revitalises me. I'm 86 years old and Feed-N-Wax has enabled me to do things that only hired help could do in the past.
We would like to purchase more of your Feed-N-Wax. We love it but haven't been able to locate it where we live in Nevada USA. Can you send it to us?
Reno, Nevada / Reno, Nevada
I took your advice and ordered a bottle of your orange oil for use on my raw Jarrah table. After the first coat it was obvious that the result was going to be spectacular. I've now applied two coats of Feed-N-Wax to the table and it is the most impressive piece of furniture we own. It is impossible to walk past it without running your hands over the grain. It is just beautiful.
(York) Adelaide / (York) Adelaide
My job is with Bunnings who don't yet stock your product but I've been using your Tung Oil and Feed-N-Wax on my Tasmanian Oak flooring in our new house in preference to any of the usual brands available. The result is beautiful. It gets quite a thrashing with my two little kids but we can cover most marks with a bit of your fabulous Feed-N-Wax.
(York) Wollongong / (York) Wollongong
Last year I saw your talk at the Brisbane Wood Show and bought your little trial kit. Well, everything worked exactly as you said it would and I'm back to buy some more.
Brisbane Timber & Working With Wood Show / Brisbane Timber & Working With Wood Show
I was really surprised at how easily your Restor-A-Finish removed felt pen marks, heat rings and scratches from our dining table. I did as you suggested and followed up with a coat of Feed-N-Wax for protection. So easy compared to the usual beeswaxes! I now use your orange oil to maintain everything. Wouldn't use anything else.
Bundaberg Qld / Bundaberg Qld
Thank you for your wonderful help. The first time I bought [and got addicted to] your orange oil was in Mildura. I found it in the orange shop, where just about everything was orange flavoured or scented. We now love this unique cleaner and polisher and we'd never use anything else on the furniture or woodwork in our house.
Beerwah Qld / Beerwah Qld
Hi, I live in Beerwah on the Sunshine Coast, Everything gets mouldy very quickly here in the wet season. I used your Orange Oil before when I lived on Phillip Island and I don't want to use anything else. Can you please send me more? I'm going to be desperate soon as the climate here is not wonderful for my antiques.
Beerwah Qld / Beerwah Qld
I'm converted! There are really no other products that come close to Feed-N-Wax and Orange Oil. I clean my furniture down with Orange Oil and follow up with a quick coat of Feed-N-Wax. It looks as though I've spent hours looking after my stuff but it only takes minutes.
Gordon NSW / Gordon NSW
I love your orange oil. I used it on an old cabinet held together with metal surrounds.It even made the old metal look good.
Panania NSW / Panania NSW
I used Restor-A-Finish on my 1897 Singer sewing machine. At first I just wanted to repair a small area but the results were so amazing I just couldn't stop. It's compulsive! I've got several projects on the boil now.
Renaissance Rocking Horses / Renaissance Rocking Horses

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