Upholstery Cleaner 473ml

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Howard Upholstery Cleaner easily breaks down stains and spills on most types of upholstery, carpets, couches, chairs, rugs, and blankets. This coconut derived cleaner gently removes dirt, oil, and grime from even the finest upholstery, Oriental rugs, and automotive interiors. Howard Upholstery Cleaner contains coconut soap (derived from whole coconut oil), coconut-based surfactant, purified water, *essential oil and fragrance blend. *Lemongrass-Lime contains essential oil and fragrance blend –Our essential oil fragrance is made from materials in compliance with the standards of the International Fragrance Association (IFRA).
Product Description
  • Cleans all types of upholstered furniture without harsh chemicals
  • Coconut derived cleaning power freshens up uphostery, carpets, couches, chairs, rugs and blankets
  • Quickly removes stains, dirt and odors
  • Safe for use on cotton, linen, wool, nylon, polyester and man-made fibers
  • Clean fresh scent of Lemongrass - Lime essential oil and fragrance blend
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Upholstery Cleaner 473ml