Have you tried Howard Products’ 100% guaranteed Food Safe range? Kitchen hygiene is so important if you want to keep your home, your family and visiting friends safe and healthy. And now, with Howard Products’ 100% Food Safe range, you can rest assured that your cutting boards, butcher blocks, and other food preparation surfaces will always be maintained to the highest hygiene standards. Our Food Safe products Howard Products offer a complete solution for customers looking to keep their wood cutting boards and butcher blocks clean, hygienic and looking their best. Our range includes Howard Cutting Board Cleaner (355ml), Howard Cutting Board Oil (355ml) and Howard Butcher Block Conditioner (355ml or 59ml). Cutting Board Cleaner Enriched with FDA certified 100% food safe selected soaps and natural ingredients, including lemon oil and coconut oil, our Cutting Board Cleaner is safe to use on any surface that may come into contact with food, including cutting boards, wooden bowls and utensils. If you’re looking for a product that provides a fast and effective clean, while neutralising any food odours, Howard Cutting Board Cleaner is an ideal solution. Perfect for cleaning and preparing wood surfaces before applying wood oils or conditioners, this wood cleaning product will leave your wooden food preparation and serving surfaces clean and hygienic, with a subtle, fresh scent. Cutting Board Oil Keep your wood cutting boards hydrated and protected from drying and cracking with Howard Cutting Board Oil. Our product is ideal for the initial oiling and seasoning of both cutting boards and butcher blocks. Formulated with odourless, taste free, guaranteed 100% pure food-grade mineral oil, our product will nourish and reveal the depth of grain in your food-prep wooden boards or blocks. Butcher Block Conditioner Rejuvenate and hydrate your wooden butcher blocks, cutting boards, wooden bowls and utensils with Howard Butcher Block Conditioner. Our fantastic product is made with pure 100% guaranteed food-grade mineral oil and naturally antibacterial purified beeswax and carnauba wax. By regularly applying our unique Butcher Block Conditioner, your butcher block and other wooden surfaces which come into contact with food, will remain functional, food safe and beautiful. Like to find out more? Would you like to learn more about our Food Safe cleaners, oils and conditioners, or our wider range of wood care products? Browse our website for demonstration videos and easy-to-understand tutorials, as well as some amazing before and after shots.