Cane furniture became popular during 19th CE because of its light and inexpensive nature as compared to the giant furnishings, not to mention the fantastic robust and rusty look it adds to your indoors or outdoors. It isn’t just for country houses anymore.


Even a minimalist space can add to its charm with the introduction of these fiber pieces. Cane furniture is likely to last for a year. If you don’t take care of the cane furniture properly, It’ll get damaged. But did I tell you, with proper care and maintenance, it may last longer?

In this blog, I’ll let you know how to add life to your cane furniture and protect it from breaking with some crucial furniture care tips.


1. Keep the furniture out of direct sunlight

One of the most important things to note about cane furniture is that it dries out when it is exposed to sunlight for a prolonged time. If your furniture is located in a sunny part of the house, make sure you regularly rotate your furniture so that every part gets an equal amount of sunlight. Also, keeping your furniture piece in the sunlight ensures even fading in the sun.


2. Clean gently

Do not use paint thinners, or abrasive creams to clean your wood furniture. Clean them with a soft cloth.


3. Put even weight on a cane seat

Cane seats cannot take a concentrated load like knee or foot, kneeling on it or using it as a step stool. You should sit evenly on a cane chair to avoid breaking of cane strands. Do not drop sharp objects on them. You can also use cushions or chair-pads to distribute the weight evenly and hence, make cane furniture last longer. Even the use of rubber stops or feet pads below the bottoms of the furniture is a great idea. , helps the material from splitting or cracking.


4. Caring for Moulds and Mildews

Cane furniture is also likely to host molds and mildews. Clean the furniture properly with the best wood care products which you can buy from Howard Products Australia. Letting the furniture completely dry after cleaning will prevent catching mildews again. You can put your furniture out in the sun after cleaning for drying. Vacuuming and cleaning the whole set every six months is the ultimate solution for no spills. Remember, let it dry thoroughly in the sun after that.


5. Lift when moving

Dragging your chairs through the room while moving will split the tightly woven fibers of rattan. Instead, lift the furniture when shifting. Come on; it isn’t that heavy!


6. Lemon oil

Lemon Oil is great for maintaining your cane. Using lemon oil as a polishing material is beneficial in two ways

· It cleans the furniture to make it look vibrant for years and

· It also adds a slight fresh scent to your set.

But remember to dry the furniture entirely before using lemon oil.


7. Resurfacing

Properly maintained cane furniture can last for a good number of hundred years. To extend the life of cane pieces considerably, a coat of polyurethane or varnish is applied over them. Quality cane pieces are passed onto generations. Those precious family antiques are there for a reason.


Bottom line

These stylish and artistic fiber pieces when adequately taken care of, will serve you for years. These sets are environment-friendly and its porous nature helps prevent unnecessary sweating. No furniture piece adds beauty to your home better than an old, dark part of cane furniture. As they rightly say- Once an antique cane piece is gone, it’s gone for good. You can’t make another antique to use during your lifetime.