AUSTRALIAN MADE ORANGE TUNG WOOD OIL IS NATURAL, NON-TOXIC & FAMILY FRIENDLY You’ll be glad to know that Orange Tung Wood Oil is a non-toxic safe and easy way to permanently coat, enrich and protect any item, practical or decorative, made of wood. Extending the life of your favourite pieces made of wood, whether raw, sanded or dressed is easy and safe when you use our highly regarded and very popular Orange Tung Wood Oil. It’s made from natural ingredients and contains no silicone, no linseed oil and no toxic polyurethane. The last thing you and your family want is potentially harmful chemicals on your skin or in your home environment, especially when very young children are around. Orange Tung Wood Oil is one of the safest and most effective products of its kind on the market, so you can rest assured it’s 100% FREE OF ANY HAZARDOUS CHEMICALS and is non-toxic, which is good to know for your peace of mind. It leaves a subtle and uplifting citrus aroma with the added benefit that it’s safe to use in areas where pets are concerned. It’s particularly effective in kitchen areas, on items such as bamboo benchtops, tables and chairs, wooden fixtures and fittings and of course flooring. It is also recommended as a permanent sealer on items made of wood such as cutting boards and chopping blocks. We all recognise the importance of food preparation safety these days and Orange Tung Wood Oil is the safest permanent wood coating you can buy. Orange Tung Wood Oil creates a protective barrier on raw wood and is water and alkali resistant. It’s hard and durable finishing characteristics make it the perfect product to use on raw, stripped or dressed wood. It can be used inside the house on wooden furniture and entertainment units, even on staircases and floors. Outside the house it’s great to use on wooden decks, outdoors furniture, planter boxes, pergolas, bamboo screens and fences. ADDS A PROTECTIVE COATING • Decks • Floors • Furniture • Food prep items • Stairs • Bookcases • Wooden musical instruments • Wooden ornaments • Wooden toys • And more! Naturally coating, protecting and beautifying wood of all types, Orange Tung Wood Oil has earned a reputation for its durability and stunning results. It really does work. It will bring a wonderful glow to the grain of fine woodwork and will prolong the life of any of your treasured pieces and household items which have been coated with this amazing hard drying wood oil. Coats are easy to maintain for years to come, find out how on our website. You can order Orange Tung Wood Oil or any of our extensive product range through our website. Or if you prefer you can also order by calling 1 800 672 646 and speak with a friendly and knowledgeable team member. Please have your credit card details ready.