Clean and polish all your wood surfaces, with Howard Orange Oil If you are looking for a product that will both clean and polish your varnished wood surfaces as well as nourish and clean raw wood items then Howard Orange Oil Wood Polish is the perfect solution. Utilising the power of 100% natural essential orange oil — known for its cleaning and polishing properties — this exclusive formula is gentle yet powerful, easy-to use and very effective. Howard Orange Oil is the original and still the best product of its kind. Recognised internationally as the best on the market it is trusted by antiques enthusiasts and homeowners alike. Unlike many other wood cleaners, Howard Orange Oil cannot dry your wood finish. Instead it actually nourishes wood as well as the varnish over it. Make sure you maintain and preserve your wood furniture as well as other wood surfaces with Howard Orange Oil to ensure that they always look good in years to come. What does Howard Orange Oil do? Offering a multitude of benefits, our woodcare products will help you care for your wood whether raw or varnished to enhance their natural depth and grain for years to come. Howard Orange Oil is one of our most popular and best-loved products. And remember .. a little goes a long way. Howard Orange Oil will: • Remove surface dirt and dust • Polish your wood finishes to a gorgeous shine • Penetrate dry finishes to replenish lost oils in the wood • Prevent drying and fading • Leave a gorgeously subtle fresh orange fragrance that banishes stale odours What are the applications? Howard Orange Oil is perfect for all wood surfaces whether oiled, vanished or raw. It is a versatile product which can be used on wood surfaces whether indoors or outdoors, on antiques, modern furniture, wood fixtures and fittings and lots more. Some other applications include... •Cherished antiques •Wooden collectibles •Countertops •Tables •Chairs •Sideboards •Bookcases •Desks •Dressers •Cupboards •Drawers How do I apply it? Howard Orange Oil is so easy to apply. You only need to use a lint-free cotton or microfibre cloth, even old washed T shirt material, to apply Howard Orange Oil to the wooden surface. Spray it lightly onto the cloth or using care, directly onto the surface, and then polish to a shine. Our Orange Oil removes grubby, waxy build-up and leaves only the subtle refreshing scent of fresh oranges as it works it’s magic. Howard Products Australia Would you like to learn more about the polishing power of Howard Orange Oil, or our full product range? Browse our website for demonstration videos and easy-to-understand tutorials, as well as some amazing before and after shots.